Friday, August 23, 2013

Mystery Artifact #11!

Hello, all.  What a busy few weeks it's been, with most local districts and colleges going back to school!  In an effort to get your brain-power kickstarted in time for the fall semester, here is a new mystery artifact for you to ponder:

I even remembered to include a penny for scale this time around! 

You guys know the drill by now - post questions, comments, and guesses in the comments section of the blog or on our Facebook page.  Happy guessing!


  1. Glue gun? It looks like there is a reservoir with a wick, which suggests some type of lamp or heater. The hole on the left looks like it would hold a pin or a nozzle, the bracket on the right would hold the side of a small bottle, and the ring on the end looks like it is for a finger.