Friday, December 26, 2014

Out of the Fire

We hope you enjoyed this weeks mystery artifact. If you'd like a chance to see it in person, come visit the museum before we close for the winter on January 1st! 

Any last guesses on what it could be?

If you googled the patent information you might have had a good hint. This object is a meat broiler.  The side hinges so it can be opened, and have meat placed in side. The cook would then lower the basket part of the object over the heat, and hang it on a bar or hook to let it broil over the fire.  The iron strips would have provided the signature grill marks we like to see on our steaks today. 

This style of grate cooking with parallel grid bars started in the 1830s and slowly grew in popularity form there. Lewis Holmes improved on the original idea in 1868 by creating this basket like style that could be held over the fire at whatever angle might be best in the situation. 

Come visit us before the museum closes on January 1st and get a last look at our Home Grown exhibit! 

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