Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Can you Shed a Little Light on this Mystery Artifact?

After that long weekend we are back with another new mystery artifact. Here's what this week's "mystery" is:

This mystery artifact is made of a few parts. The first is a small lamp, with a clear bowl, which you can see a wick inside. It also has a small white glass chimney.

The second part is the metal stand, which holds the lamp at the bottom.

The third part is also metal. It is a small bowl at the top. The bowl rests on the top part of the metal stand, and hangs above the top of the lamp chimney.
This artifact is actually rather small, measuring only about half a foot tall, and 2 ¾ inches wide.

What do you think it is? If you have a guess, let us know by commenting here, on our Facebook page, on our Instagram, or by tweeting the answer at us. We really like to know what your guesses are!

There’s some writing on this artifact that I tried to keep out of the pictures, so if you want to try to figure that out, you should definitely come check it out in person. There’s also lots of other great stuff at the museum to check out! See you soon!

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