Monday, September 12, 2016

C'mon and tell us what this Mystery Artifact is!

It's Mystery Artifact time!

Here's this week's object: It has a wooden handle and a top section made of wire. 

The basket on the top of the artifact is sort of egg-shaped. It has an opening in the front and loops that come to a point on the sides. It's about 9 inches from top to bottom, and less than 6 inches wide. 

The handle on the bottom is wooden, square, painted red, and about 26 inches long. 

It's a pretty simple artifact, so perhaps it's simple to figure out its use? Let us know if you know what it is! You can let us know your guesses/answers here on the blog, by telling us on Facebook, tweeting at us, or even by commenting on our Instagram

If you need a closer look at this artifact or just want to check out some of the other recent mystery artifacts (or any of our great exhibits), you can always come to the museum. We're open daily from 1pm - 5pm. Come visit us!

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