Tuesday, April 23, 2013

About the Museum of the Grand Prairie

“History is not the past.
It is a story about the past, told in the present,
and designed to be useful in constructing the future” 
                 --Henry Glassie

Each of us has our own story, a story of living here on the verge of the Grand Prairie. Our stories inform our lives and the lives of those around us.   

Come visit the Museum of the Grand Prairie in Mahomet, Illinois.  
Read, see, and listen to stories of Native Americans and settlers, 
farmers and city folk, Irish and Germans and African Americans.

Learn about Lincoln's time as a country lawyer, 
riding the Eighth Circuit Court through Champaign County.

Visit Zay Wright's room and read her diary entries to learn more about life
 in Champaign County at the turn of the last century.

 Reflect on how the stories of others are similar to or different from your own.

Follow our blog in the coming months to learn more about the natural and cultural history of Champaign County; let us take you behind-the-scenes to learn about collection, curation, preservation, and interpretation; and learn about the history of the museum as we celebrate our 45th year serving the Champaign County community!

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