Monday, April 29, 2013

Mystery Artifact of the Week!

Hello, everyone.  I'm Valerie, Education Programs Specialist and archaeologist, and I'd like to welcome you to our Mystery Artifact blog!  We hope to use this weekly feature to introduce you to some familiar (and maybe not-so-familiar!) artifacts from our exhibits and collections.

There are so many wonderful artifacts on display at the Museum of the Grand Prairie, and although I am in the galleries almost every day, more often than not a "new" artifact or object that I had not noticed before will catch my eye.  This usually results in a quick question-and-answer session with either Tom (our Registrar responsible for cataloging the artifacts and recording them in a database) or with Barb (our former Curator and brand-new Director).  I think one of the most amazing facts about the Museum is that only about 20% of our collection is actually out on display (and a large portion of that percentage includes the 700+ horseshoes in the blacksmith's shop)!

In the coming weeks, we hope to bring you some artifacts from behind-the-scenes in our collection, but since the blog is brand-new, I'll start off with an easy one from our Prairie Stories exhibit.  Who can guess this artifact (or artifacts)?

Mystery Artifact #1

Please post your answers in the comments section below, and thanks for playing!  

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  1. Clothes irons - forerunners of the electric iron to press clothing. Heat up and then press on the cloth (after damping the cloth to prevent burning).