Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"This little village . . . ."

While researching in the Champaign County Historical Archives yesterday at the Urbana Free Library, I came across this lovely excerpt from the May 6, 1868, edition of the "Gazette and Union":

"Seated upon the west bank of the Sangamon River is a little village, the beauty of which is unknown to many of our readers.  We speak of Mahomet, or Middletown, located in the western part of our country.  The prospect of being made a railroad town at an early day is causing this little village to fairly blossom with improvements, and new business houses and enterprises are daily budding into existence.  Sometime since they completed the finest and most respectable appearing school house in the county, and now have in course of construction a Baptist Church which will equal, if not eclipse, any edifice of similar character in this city.  A beautiful wrought iron bridge spans the river at a point opposite the town, and the mills located nearby rattle away upon their logs and grists in a most industrious manner and the merry clatter of their cogs and wheels awake the echoes in the surrounding forests.  The country surrounding is the most beautiful God ever smiled upon and embraces some of the finest farms in this part of the State . . . .  When the iron horse, which will soon be bounding between this point and Mahomet, commences making resting spells there, then our two towns can look for a strong rival in this western village."

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