Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Storing things...

Not a mystery artifact, but maybe a mystery to our readers.  Where do you put all that stuff? Well, in the past we have stored things in basements. Sometimes the basements were damp. They were always dark. But thanks three things which came together perfectly we have been able to do amazing things with our collections storage. The Chesebro family donated money for collections care, with which we were able to purchase compact mobile shelving. The Champaign County Preserve District Board approved capital expenditures to which not only helped build the building but provided the basis for the purchase of the compact mobile shelving. And finally with a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, we've been able to put things where they belong, so to speak. We've brought them above ground and into the light! The grant provided us with acid-free tissue paper (necessary for rewrapping things), boxes (necessary for lightening the load in some mighty heavy boxes) and shelves (the most important of all!) While we were doing that we took the opportunity to put bar codes on all the artifacts we moved, so that in the future inventory will be super easy! So, now you know. If you really want to, we can give you a tour! Call ahead (217-586-2612) or 

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