Monday, March 28, 2016

A Myriad of Mysteries

Perhaps 5 doesn't really count as a "myriad," but this post is a little different than a normal mystery artifact. This time we decided to show multiple versions of the same type of artifact, instead of just one.

They all have the same general shape. The narrow end of the wooden examples all have small holes. Most of the versions seen here have a groove or ditch down the center of them.

Though most of ours are made of wood, these can also be made of metal.

And a few of ours have a sort of hook attached to one end of them.

Some of you might know what these are right off the bat! Let us know your guess in the comments or on the museum's facebook page! 

Also, be sure to stop by to take a look at them. There's actually also a modern version of this artifact in the case along with the ones shown here.

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