Monday, March 14, 2016

Get a Handle on our Next Mystery Artifact

Happy Monday!

I have yet another mystery artifact this week.

Here's what I can tell you about this one: it's a metal apparatus bolted to a wooden stand. A metal plate sits on the flat wooden plank, and two feet lead up from there to a set of notches. These notches allow for the main part to move up and down as needed. The long metal handle brings the apparatus down, and a spring helps it move back up.

The whole artifact is a little less than 20 inches tall, the wooden plank is around 3 3/4 wide. The handle at the top is about 10 inches long and a little less than 1 inch wide at the widest point.

If you have any guesses or questions about this artifact, leave a comment here or on our Facebook page. And as always, please come in to the museum to take a closer look!

One last note!

Next week, our new special exhibit, the Worth of Water will be opening!
The formal opening is on Saturday, March 19th, starting at 1pm, if you'd like to join us. We'd love to see you. More information on the opening and the exhibit can be found on our facebook page.


  1. I believe I know this one, mostly because I have a more modern version of the same thing. It's either a bottle capper (probably) or perhaps a corker. Either way, it's for sealing bottles. I think.